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Degree online applications are open from Sunday March 19 – Thursday March 30, 2017

Please note the following for Degree applications:

  • Only ACK Diploma graduates or expected to graduate in Spring 2017, and Box hill diploma graduates or expected to graduate in Spring 2017 can apply for the ACK Degree program
  • Degree applications can only be submitted ONLINE. The Admissions Unit WILL NOT accept any hard copy applications.
  • Degree application fee is 50 KWD (non-refundable) – to be paid by KNET ONLINE ONLY at the time of application. No cash or KNET payments will be accepted at the Registration Unit Counter or Cashier.
  • Students wishing to apply for a PUC scholarship MUST apply for the Degree first during the above mentioned dates.
  • You may still apply for Degree regardless of your GPA and graduation status as long as you are an expected to graduate student. The application fee will still be non-refundable in case you did not get accepted into the Degree program.

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Degree majors are not available for Diploma Applicants

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  3. 3. File names cannot include brackets, quotations or any special characters.
  4. 4. Maximum number of files that can be uploaded is 10 files.
  5. 5. Only one PDF file can be uploaded per document.

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